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TOP-5 Best Sex Swings | 2019 Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Best Sex Swings: photoSex swings are pretty much just swing sets for adults! All the fun, but a little kinkier. Actually, a lot of kinkier! But it’s not just those into the BDSM scene that are into sex swings. As more people find out about the many uses of these amazing items, the more popular they are becoming for all kinds of people. But, there is a lot to consider when it comes to finding one that will work for you! I’ve picked out a few of my favorites and provided some information about the different types to make your decision a little easier. Your welcome!

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Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.

Sex swings are a good option to innovate. They are funny, exciting and a new experience to enjoy. It is true that at the beginning it is not easy to use them, but I recommend that you keep calm and try them. The sensations are different because she is suspended in the air, generating more space in her vagina and promoting more pleasure. If you want to experience this, talk to your partner about the benefits of sexual changes: innovation, new sensations, curiosity … I am sure you will convince her. 

Tip: Use a strong lockable door and make sure it is securely locked. You do not want a bad surprise!

What is the best sex swing? It is important that the item is comfortable, has enough padding, thick straps, and convenient grips for your hands. You should also look for adjustable models to suit your needs better. Another crucial aspect is the weight limit that ranges from 80 kgs up to a few hundred. So when choosing a product, keep in mind that the more it can hold the better because it is not just your weight, but also the pressure exerted that should be taken into account. We believe that the Purple Reigns model fits these criteria best.

Why have we chosen this model? It is marketed by a company that is well known on the market for its high-quality sex toys and accessories. Its hammock-like style, padded sling supports, and reinforced nylon straps turn this product into a little oasis of comfortable sex. The item holds up to 140 kg of weight so you will not have to limit your sexual fantasies when playing with it. The model is fully adjustable, which allows setting the height and angle that are perfect for you.

This guide will tell you about the TOP-5 best sex swings and their main styles ranging from door swings to sex slings. You will learn about the benefits they offer, such as trying out some new positions, enhancing old favorites or getting into positions that are uncomfortable without this toy. Find out why it is important to practice before using the toy and some other recommendations from our expert. A comparison chart and FAQ section will be helpful for those who need to make a quick decision or do not have enough time to explore the matter.

What Benefits Do Sex Swings Offer?

You might be surprised to hear how many benefits there actually are for this kind of toy. Especially those that go beyond simply spicing things up in the bedroom. Although that is a nice place to start.

Spice things up

This is a great tool to mix things up in the bedroom and try out some new positions or enhance old favorites. They open up a whole new world of sexual position possibilities and help you get into some positions that may be impossible without it.

Make sexual positions easier on the body

These toys are ideal for those wanting to get into positions that are uncomfortable without a swing. They take a lot of weight of the user meaning that stand up positions are much more comfortable for both people and that you can remain comfortably in place for longer. It is also great for couples that have major differences in heights or weights as it can help to balance you out.

Can help those with limited physical movement or body pains

They are amazing to help position those with neck, back or hip issues and allow them to stay in that position for a longer time. Sexologist Dr Ava Cadell states that they “can also be beneficial for people with limited physical movements ranging from arthritis to spinal injuries”. For the same reason, they are also great for older couples who may no longer have the flexibility or strength to stay in their favorite sex positions for a long time.

What Types of Sex Swings Are There?

Although the whole category is generally referred to as sex swings, there are actually three different types of this kind of toy all with slight differences in how they work.

Sex Swing

This option generally has adjustable straps that support your back, booty and thighs or feet depending on how you are using it. These types of toy need to be attached to a sex swing frame (sometimes included but usually sold separately) or a hook attached to the ceiling or support beam.

Door Swing

This one is a much easier option to use as it simply requires a household door. The sling slides over the top of the door and jams in place as the door is closed. These are easier to set up but provide you with fewer options as they require being set up right next to the door.

Sex Sling

A sex sling works a lot like a sex swing but it has a more hammock-like shape which provides more support for the back of the user. Sometimes they will need to have more than one point of attachment to a ceiling so they can be more difficult to set up and use.

You will need to think carefully about which style is going to work best for you according to your needs and how you want to use it.

Boosting Your Chances of Orgasm: How to Use a Sex Swing

There is quick a bit to consider when it comes to using a sex thing but the most important things are going to be practice and patience.

Follow the instructions

If you fall from a sex swing, it is going to hurt. This is really not the time to ditch the manual and assume it will be straight forward. Sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs says no matter how excited you are, make sure you read the instructions and follow them!

Take it for a test ride

It’s important to ensure that you check out it is going to hold your weight and be able to get it into the right position before you start. Dr. Stubbs suggests taking your time to make sure you get it right. “Be willing to set up the swing, get in it, get out, and make adjustments if necessary.”

Keep practicing

Don’t be surprised if the first few rounds aren’t as sexy as you might like them to be. These kinds of swings take some getting used to and it might not always be the sexy erotic experience you dream of, and that’s totally fine. Eventually, you will get there and it will be amazing.

Go wild!

Once you get the hang of it, go all out and try all the different positions and ways that you can use your swing. You will have a lot of options for play on your hands with a sex swing!

TOP-5 Best Sex Swings

Below, you will find the TOP-5 best products at a price range from $27 to $150. These models have a different amount of padding and weight limits. They differ in a style that ranges from expensive hammock-like swings to budget-friendly door jam options. Each product has its own peculiarity, whether it is a leopard print, comfortable grips or a 360-degree spin. All of them are easy to use and set up.

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit: photo

No need to worry about attaching this one to the roof, beams or sex swing stand with this model. Just slide it over your door and you are ready for action. This is a great Door Jam type that requires very little effort to set up and isn’t going to leave a massive dent in your bank account.

This item has adjustable straps and a nice padded sling for your booty and thighs (or feet). There are also comfortable grips for your hands to make the straps a bit nicer to hold onto. The firm hanging wedge bars simply go on the other side of the door to make sure you won’t be going anywhere once you are in place.

They say that it is suited for any household door but you are best to use one that locks so that it doesn’t accidentally open up with you on it! I’m sure it has happened to someone out there!

While door jam options are great, the style does limit the number of options you have position wise as the door needs to stay shut behind you. However, it is the perfect tool to take the weight of the standing partner in up against the wall positions.

This particular model can hold up to 147 kgs.

Sportsheets:   Check the current price

360-Degree Spinning Sex Swing

360-Degree Spinning Sex Swing: photo

If you are looking for a swing that will offer you a lot, and I mean A LOT, of options for play, then this swing is going to make you very happy. The positions are almost endless and it spins too to make it even more exciting!

But, this is a more complex model and it requires a sex swing frame or a hook or ring from the ceiling. There is an option to get the frame along with the swing so you have everything you need in one place. But make sure you have room first, as this stand is about the size of a queen size bed so you will need a fair bit of space to use it.

There is padded support for your back, butt or thighs depending on your position, and comfy feet stirrups too. But, the amount of padding is pretty limited and it might become uncomfortable after a long play session. It is made from nylon with adjustable straps but even the padded parts are quick thin. There is also a torque bar for added support which also allows you to attach this sex swing with only one hook.

The only downside is that there have been complaints about the swivel being prone to breaking. It might pay to grab a heavier duty option before you set this swing up.

This model holds up to 180 kgs.

Trinity Vibes:   Check the current price

On-Door Sex Swing | UTIMI

On-Door Sex Swing from UTIMI: photo

This is another door jam option, but one that is very very cheap and a nice beginner option. You can see if you like it without spending a fortune.

This slides easily over your door frame just ensure the plastic cylinders are behind the door and that it is closed securely. Lockable doors really do work best for this kind of swing as they are more secure. We don’t want anyone falling and hurting themselves!

This model is also made from knitted nylon so it is nice and strong and, of course, it has those adjustable straps and padded areas for support and comfort. Including some comfy hand grips.

There are no instructions included with this one but it is fairly easy to figure out. Just be patient. I know, I know! It’s hard when you are setting up something so fun though right?!

This model holds up to 180 kgs. Pretty surprising for a sex swing that is so cheap!

UTIMI:   Check the current price

Sex Swing | Purple Reigns

Sex Swing from Purple Reigns: photo

This style is more of a hammock-like sling and is the most comfortable option in the list. But, it is also one of the more expensive ones. You really do get what you pay for with this swing though as it is well-made, strong and a pretty purple color too! In my opinion, it is certainly one of the most attractive styles I have come across.

The sling allows the user to get into a reclined position and there is generous padding too so it will be super comfortable. Hopefully, not so comfy that you end up falling asleep though! Due to the sling style, there is a lot more material than most swings as you can see. This makes it more at risk of catching some bodily fluids. However, the nylon is really easy to clean with some antibacterial wipes.

As usual, the straps are fully adjustable straps to get you into all sorts of amazing and wild positions. It attaches to the ceiling or sex swing frame with a very strong heavy duty carabiner clip so it is easy to use and set up.

The curved metal bar does make it more difficult to store away but it really shouldn’t be too hard to just slide under a bed or into the wardrobe.

This model will hold up to 140 kgs.

Purple Reigns:   Check the current price

Pleasure Swing | Whip Smart

Whip Smart Pleasure Swing: photo

So, before we start, I think you should know that I absolutely adore anything leopard print so I will try my best not to be biased! But, ah, no promises…

As you can see this is another option that requires a frame or a strong ceiling hook to be put to use. The seller recommends attaching it to a hook on the ceiling and using the hook for a hanging plant when the swing is not in use to disguise it which is a great idea if you are concerned about that type of thing.

This is a fully adjustable option which comes with a heavy duty spring already included. These springs provide a bit more bounce and allow more movement while you play. It is also one of the more padded options of the bunch. All that leopard print padding is ideal for your back, booty and thighs to keep you comfortable while you swing!

It is also machine washable! Just remove all the hardware and chuck it in and you are good to go.

However, this model only holds up to 90 kgs which is a lot less than most other styles.

Whip Smart:   Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Effectiveness

This is a great Door Jam option that requires very little effort to set up.
It can hold up to 147 kgs and comes with comfortable grips for your hands.
Effectiveness: 9
Trinity Vibes
This is a 360-degree spinning model holding up to 180 kgs.
There is padded support for your back, butt or thighs depending on your position.
Effectiveness: 10
This is a budget-friendly door jam option.
It is made from knitted nylon, has adjustable straps and padded areas for support.
Effectiveness: 8
Purple Reigns
This style is more of a hammock-like sling and is the most comfortable option in the list.
The product has generous padding and allows the user to get into a reclined position.
Effectiveness: 10
Whip Smart
This is a fully adjustable option which comes with a heavy-duty spring.
With leopard print, it is one of the more padded options.
Effectiveness: 10

What to Look for When Buying a Sex Swing?

When it comes to picking out the best option for you, there are a few things to think about.

#1. The Style

We have talked about this a lot already so I will keep it brief but you need to consider how you want to use the swing and the set up of your room before you start. This is limit what you are able to get.

#2. Weight capability

The other thing that you need to get right is the weight limit of the particular swings you are looking at. They all have different limits so make sure you get one that can hold you up properly.

#3. Comfort

If the toy is padded it is going to be a lot more comfortable for longer periods of time. Some are a lot more padded than others too so if comfort is high in your list of requirements, the more padding and the thicker the straps, the better.

#4. Adjustability

How adjustable do you need the straps to be and do they look like they are going to suit your needs? People use their swings in different ways, so think about how you want to use yours and in what positions then check out how adjustable the straps are and if they will work for you.


What is the best sex swing?
That all depends on what you want to use it for. A sex sling is usually the most comfortable option for the one in the swing but they do limit the number of positions available. The sex swing style is probably the most popular as there are so many different ways to use it and you can get into some seriously orgasmic positions with it. But it all really depends on what you are using it for and the set up of your room.

Is there weight limits?
Yes, there is! And they are all different. You will need to check out the specification limits of each one you look at to ensure that they are suitable for you and your partner. They tend to range from 80 kgs up to a few hundred.

Can I add a spring to my sex swing?
You can add a spring to your sex swing so long as it requires a frame or a hook to the ceiling or beams. Some will even have these springs included so check out the description beforehand.

Will it work with non-standard doors?
Most over-the-door style options will work with any household door shape but it always pays to read the description thoroughly to get a full understanding of how that particular product works. If you are still unsure then contact the supplier or seller to see if they can provide you with the information you need.

Is it hard to install?
That all depends on the type of sex swing that you choose. Over the door, options are the easiest to work with as they require little work to do their job. If you are getting a full swing, then you will need a frame or a strong beam to attach it to which makes things much more difficult.

And there you have it. Now off you go and find the perfect sex swing for you so you can get it set up and exploring a whole new world of sexual positions in no time!

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