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What is the best sex machine? Is it worth buying? | 2020 Guide

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Sex machines. For many, this is a pretty intimidating sounding object, but for others, it is simply the next step in their journey to an amazing and pleasurable sex life. Buying one requires careful consideration and thorough research as these can be pricey pieces of equipment and using them will most likely take a bit more effort than a simple dildo or vibrator. However, if you find the right one for you, this extra work will all be worth it in the end.

Reviewed by Expert
Raquel Graña
Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.
We never stop inventing products that give us pleasure, and sex machines are no exception! They help to achieve orgasm thanks to their movements and your coordination with them. You can use them individually or with your partner. Of course, make sure you have space to store them!

What is the best sex machine? It is important that the device is made from strong material and does not move around when in use. Otherwise, the whole pleasure will be spoiled. Then, the device should be heavy-duty and powerful enough to ensure proper penetration and satisfaction at different levels of intensity. The unit should also be adjustable and this is a very essential feature as it allows using the machine in different positions. And finally, consider attachments. They will help you to choose the proper size of dildo and angle to suit your body. We believe that the Hismith model fits these criteria best.

Why have we chosen it? While being a budget-friendly, this model is very reliable and sturdy as it is made of chrome-plated steel rods. So rest assured, the unit itself will not move while in use. It is very powerful, delivering thrusts capable to get through even the strongest muscles. Being adjustable, this toy can be used in different positions, be it standing or doggy-style one. What you will need to do is to change angles, and that’s it! A wireless remote control that comes with the product will make the whole experience easier for you or can be handed over to a partner for playing with fun.

This guide covers TOP-5 best sex machines of various types: thrusting, ride-on models, and gliders. A comparative chart containing the main features of these products will help you make the right choice. In this guide, you will learn about the benefits they offer and what scientific studies say about masturbating women. Our sex expert has shared her opinion about how to use these devices to achieve more intense orgasms and how to ensure that the machine is secure.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

What Benefits Do Sex Machines Offer?

Ok, let’s just start off by mentioning that sex machines are not actually created to replace anyone. They are just another sex toy that provides pleasure, increases your chance of orgasm and can even be a fun couples toy too. But pleasuring yourself alone with a sex machine or any other toy has its benefits for relationships too. A study on the correlation between masturbation and partnered sex suggested that women who masturbate reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction and more frequent intercourse with their partners.

Beyond that, sex machines can also be one of the only sex toy options that people have. Some people have issues that cause a loss of dexterity in the hands can benefit from using machines hands-free with automatic thrusting or using a ride on option.

And there is also the visual element which is why these types of toys are so popular in pornography. Watching somebody using a sex machine can be a major turn on for a lot of people so it is an ideal couples toy too. As Doctor Emily Morse puts it ““You get to witness something that most people don’t get to see… It’s voyeuristic, and that can be very arousing.”

What Types of Sex Machines Are There?

Thrusting Machines (fucking machines)

These are usually larger units that sit on the floor and penetrate the vagina or anus depending on how you want to use it. These machines are able to have their heights altered to suit whoever is using it.

This type of machines needs to be strong. It needs enough power to enter the boy without the machine sliding backwards or stopping when it feels resistance from your body. These can also be smaller units which may be held in your hand and thrust inside the body too.

If you are a male looking for a sex machine toy that will masturbate the penis, this is the style you will need. Some machines will come with a masturbator attachment and when the arm moves back and forward, it will masturbate the penis for you leaving your hands free. Not all units will come with this attachment so make sure you read the description thoroughly if this is what you are after.

Gliders (manual machines)

These are manual machines which require some movement from your body to work. These are penetration toys that will thrust or massage your body as you move. There are seat style machines which you sit on and rock back and forth. As you rock, the dildo will move up and down to penetrate the vagina or anus.

And, if you are thinking you may have seen this somewhere on the big screen, you are right. Mr. George Clooney himself makes his own version in the film Burn After Reading and it is amazing. Check out the scene here. There are also smaller machines with round bases which will massage you internally as move your body around.

Ride-on Machines (saddle machines)

Ride-on machines are really the crème de la crème of sex machine toys, and as such, they are usually pretty damn expensive. But, most that own them will agree, they are totally worth the price. These are super powerful machines that you actually sit on and ride.

Most will have some sort of internal attachment to stimulate inside the vagina or anus and there are also some with external stimulators too to vibrate against the clitoris while you ride. Many of these machines will even fit two of you at a time and make for a seriously orgasmic couples play session.

Boosting Your Chances of Orgasm: How to Use a Sex Machine

Use a whole lot of lube.

This is so important, especially if you are using a thrusting machine. If you are not thoroughly lubricated, you may end up damaging or tearing your skin.

But also, if you don’t have enough lube then there will be friction when the machine tries to penetrate your body and then can cause the thrusting arm to stop working or the whole machine to move backwards. Lubricant is essential for this type of play.

Ensure the machine is secure.

A good idea is to start off using the machine on a carpeted surface to stop it from moving around. If there are suction cups, make sure they are nice and secure before you start otherwise you might end up with the machine sliding around everywhere.

Start slow.

Make sure you start on a really low setting to let your body get used to it. And, ensure the thrusting arm is fully extended before you start so that you don’t get a shock from a big thrust. Trust me, that is no fun for anyone!!

TOP-5 Best Sex Machines

Below, you will find a review of TOP-5 best products on the market within the price range from $100 to $650. There models of 3 different types: thrusting machines, ride-on machines, and gliders. While some models are more portable and lightweight, others are bulkier but more reliable and sturdy. Depending on the model, there are functions, adjustability, extra options and attachments.

Wire-Controlled Thrusting Sex Machine with a Dildo | Hismith

Wire-Controlled Thrusting Sex Machine: photo

The Hismith model is a great, budget-friendly option that is adjustable and will suit any level of experience. This is a thrusting machine with a super solid base and strong, powerful thrusts that will get past even the strongest of PC muscles! This machine is made from chrome-plated steel rods, making it super sturdy which helps to prevent any movement from the machine while it is in use.

You can change the angles on the machine to suit the position that you want. You can set it up for missionary play, standing or even doggy-style. The thrusts from the machine can extend up to 6 inches and get up to 4 thrusts per second! Talk about fast and powerful huh? Of course, you can decide what arm extension and speed you are comfortable with to tailor the machine to exactly how you like it.

There is also a wireless remote control so that you can adjust the speeds while you play, or hand the remote over to someone else and let them be in charge of your pleasure. The remote works up to 65 feet away too! And even with such a powerful motor, this machine is surprisingly quiet, especially if you use it on a carpet floor or rug. It’s also super easy to assemble and dismantle which is one of the reasons it has become so popular.

The only real downside to this item is that it only comes with 1 attachment, which is an 8-inch silicone dildo. And this is probably far too big for beginners. Luckily you can buy different attachments to fit the machine so if you are new to this kind of play, I recommend you buy a smaller attachment too from the get-go so that you aren’t overwhelmed.

Hismith:   Check the current price

Thrusting Sex Machine with a Suction Cup | Cloud 9 Novelties

Thrusting Sex Machine with a Suction Cup: photo

This product by Cloud 9 Novelties is another thrusting machine but what makes this one stand out is that it is compatible with the Doc Johnson Vac-u-lock range of dildo attachments. This means that you can choose any dildo or anal toy you like from that collection and use it with this machine. And, if you don’t know already, the Vac-u-lock range is awesome!

There is also a universal dildo mount that allows you to attach any suction cup toy too meaning that your options for play are pretty much endless with this unit.

This model allows for five different positions all of which have adjustable heights so you can find the perfect fit for your body. You can also adjust the length of the thrusting arm from 0 to 6 inches for a huge range of penetration. This is another multi-speed machine and you can use the wired remote control to change the speed to suit your need.

Another thing I really love about this machine is that there are no tools required for assembly, thank god! So you can out that tool belt away as you won’t be needing it. It can also fold right down flat so you can slide it into your wardrobe or under your bed when you are done with it. However, it does tend to move around a bit even with the suction cups so you may need to strap it down.

Cloud 9 Novelties:   Check the current price

Lightweight Glider Sex Machine | LoveBots

Lightweight Glider Sex Machine: photo

This is basically a rocking machine with a sexy twist! You simply sit on it and use your weight and leg muscles to rock back and forth and control the thrusts of the dildo in and out of your body. So it’s a sex machine and a leg machine all in one. Awesome!

This is one of the machines that are ideal for putting on a show as the design of the machine means that anyone watching can see the dildo slide right in and out of the user and as I’m sure you can imagine, it looks hot!

The Love Glider looks fairly big and heavy but it actually only weighs about 13kg so is pretty light for something that is so sturdy. And don’t worry, it comes pre-assembled so you don’t need to get out your tool belt for this one either. But that does mean that you need somewhere to store it as this isn’t one of the machines that break down easily or folds flat for under bed storage.

This is another machine with a Vac-u-lock attachment meaning you can choose any dildo from the Doc Johnson Vac-u-lock range to go with this machine. It comes with an anal probe and a realistic dildo but they are both made from TPR and are porous. I recommend picking a silicone toy from the Vac-u-lock range or using a condom over these items to ensure they are body safe.

Now, keep in mind that while this machine may sound easy to use, it really does take some practice to get it right and you are actually better to start out with a longer dildo as it will make penetration easier while you get the hang of it.

LoveBots:   Check the current price

Automatic Sex Machine | FREDORCH

FREDORCH Automatic Sex Machine: photo

If you are on a budget, then this model is about the same price as a high-quality vibrator and is an absolute bargain. And although it may be cheap, it is still pretty powerful too! It can go from 70 to 210 thrusts per minute, so if you like short, quick thrusting, this will be a great little machine for you.

Now, being that it is so cheap, it has to skimp somewhere right? And where it does is adjustability. This is a small unit and it doesn’t offer the same range of movement that some of the others in this list do. The arm adjusts within a 120-degree angle and the thrusts have a maximum reach of 2 inches. However, there is an attachment that can change the angle of the dildo and bend it to fit your body the way you like it.

But what does make this machine great is how small it is. It can easily be hidden away and is even small enough to be portable so you can move it around if you need to without too much effort. And of course, the attachments! This machine actually comes with six different ones.

There are dildos and a male masturbator. Then there are two extender attachments to change the length or angle of the machine. However, the materials for these toys are not listed and they look like they may be porous so I recommend using them with a condom.

FREDORCH:   Check the current price

Ride-On Sex Machine | Lovebotz

Ride-On Sex Machine from Lovebotz: photo

Now, onto a ride-on machine. And, although this may look expensive, compared to most ride on options, this is actually super cheap.

This is a saddle style machine that you sit on with a comfy padded part in the middle so that it is comfortable to ride. This machine offers internal and external stimulation and there are 5 different speeds and 5 vibrating functions to explore while you are at it.

You can leave the remote in place to make it feel like you are riding a bull at the rodeo or slip it out of its slot and hold it up where you can see it. Or, hand it over to a partner of course! This toy is one of the few models that can be used by two people at a time as it has room for two to sit on it. But only one of you can use the internal toy obviously. However, these machines are all about power, so even just sitting on it you will be able to feel a lot of stimulation.

The machine comes with a 6-inch dildo but it is TPR and is porous so make sure you are careful with it as it cannot be completely sterilized. You can also buy other attachments to match this machine too. There is a g-spot dildo or even a double penetration dildo available to mix up your play.

Lovebotz:   Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Sex Machine Effectiveness

Type: Thrusting machine
Wireless remote control
Up to 4 thrusts per second
Made from chrome-plated steel rods
Effectiveness: 10
Cloud 9 Novelties
4 heavy duty suction cups
Variable speed control
Wired remote control
Adjustable thrust length
Effectiveness: 9
Controllable speed
Powered by body movements
5.25-inch insertable length
Effectiveness: 9
70-210 thrusts per minute
Adjusts within a 120-degree angle
Six attachments
Effectiveness: 8
Internal and external stimulation
5 different speeds and 5 vibrating functions
Can be used by two people at a time
6-inch dildo
Effectiveness: 10

What to Look for When Buying a Sex Machine


By type, I mean the three different types I explained to you earlier. Do you want a thrusting machine, a manual machine that you need to make thrust or a ride on machine with a lot of vibrating power?


And, speaking of power, how powerful do you need your machine to be? This is especially important for thrusting machines as those that aren’t so powerful may end up not penetrating properly if there is a lot of friction from your body. This is another important factor to gauge from customer reviews.


Do you need the machine to be adjustable and if so, how adjustable? Some machines will have a little movement while others will have a lot which opens up a lot more possibilities for positions to explore. It all depends on how you want to use the machine.


Sex machine toys may last forever, but your attachments might not so it is a good idea to look for a model that has attachments that are readily available which you can use to replace yours with. Or of course, simply to make things more interesting with more options.


Is it worth paying more for an expensive sex machine or can I get away with a regular vibrator?
That all depends on what it is you expect to get from a sex machine! If there is a vibrator that will give you the same results it will likely be cheaper and easier for you to use. And easier to store! However, if you really want a powerful hands free experience, a sex machine might be the only option.

Are homemade sex machines good?
Homemade units can work really well but only if the person making it knows what they are doing! I wouldn’t recommend trying it out yourself unless you have pretty good knowledge about how these devices work and the tools you will need to create a good one. If you don’t know what you are doing, things could become dangerous to not only use it but also just to build it.

Is it hard to adjust a sex machine?
In most cases, they won’t be hard to adjust but they will take a little effort. If they were too easy to adjust, then it could cause problems of accidentally doing so while they are in use. So taking a bit of an effort is a good thing in this instance.

How should I maintain the device?
Each machine will have different cleaning instructions for that particular machine as different materials require different ways of cleaning. As a general rule though, you will need to remove the toy attachment and thoroughly clean that and wipe down the body of the machine itself to disinfect it.

Does the entire unit move around when in use?
The idea is that they won’t but some units are just built better than others, unfortunately. If this is something which concerns you, look closely at customer reviews as this will give you the best indication of whether this is an issue for a particular model of the machine or not.


So, is a sex machine ultimately worth the investment? That all depends on what you want the device for and how you intend to use it. You might find that a vibrator will do the trick and save you some money.

But, there are also a lot of situations where a vibe just won’t cut it and a sex machine is the only option. Either way, do your research and make sure you figure out what is going to work best for your needs.

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