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TOP-5 Best Pocket Pussies | 2019 Awesome Buyer’s Guide

Best Pocket Pussies: photo

What is the best pocket pussy? It is important that a product is made of reliable material, otherwise, some lubricants may destroy silicone inside, which encourages bacteria to appear and spread there. The toy should be convenient to hold so that you could fully enjoy your play. And since your health is concerned, never opt for very cheap products but rather buy only brand-name ones. We believe that Bonnie Rotten Flip Me Over Stroker meets all these criteria.

Why have we chosen this model? This is a product from a famous porn star Bonnie Rotten that recreates every intimate detail of her vagina. For the moderate price, you get a fantastic sex toy with two separate entry experiences. It is made of Fanta Flesh — elastomer-based material popular with sex toys — and is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Thanks to the product’s unique design, you will easily grip and handle it.

This guide will tell you about TOP-5 best pocket pussies, their types, and peculiarities. You will learn how to use these toys properly, what benefits they have and why they will give you more pleasure than your “rosy palm.” The guide also elaborates on the differences between pocket pussies and fleshlights so that you could decide which one suits your needs best. An illustrative comparison chart will help you to pick up a model that is right for you while an FAQ section will give answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When it comes to men and sex toys, the adult industry doesn’t have a ton of options for males. This is probably because their main sex organ is an external one. However, if you haven’t heard of pocket pussies, you have to be living under a rock.

These are the main male sex toy and men enjoy the warm and soft texture in which many of these toys have, as well as the tightness that simulates the feeling of a vagina or anal cavity. These toys can help men enhance their sex life, be it solo or with a partner.

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Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.

Pocket pussies are always a good gift. They serve to give pleasure, get to know each other better and provide a different experience to conventional masturbation.

In addition, there are some with the possibility of providing heat, with vibration or manuals. So they will always be a good ally. You can use it alone, with your partner or even include it in your erotic plays.

What Benefits Do Pocket Pussies Have?

Aside from the obvious self-pleasure, there are some benefits to using a toy that many may have not thought of. For one, you can give “Rosy Palm” a break. Using your hand to masturbate can get tired and monotonous.

Thanks to the many different textures of various models, you can experience new sensations and different kinds of orgasms based on those sensations.
Additionally, using this toy solo allows you to control your orgasm. You control the tempo, the technique. You can actually learn to last longer with a pocket pussy by using one of the techniques, such as the squeeze technique.

Another great benefit for this option is that there is easy clean-up. Since all of the semen is captured inside the toy, it makes it easier to just wash it under the sink and use the adult toy cleaner to finish it off. No more into your hand or into a sock. Super easy clean-up.

Different Types of Pocket Pussies

The OG Models

Most models referred to by the name fall under this category. These pretty much all look the same. They are soft and squishy with the same flesh-colored skin. These feature a vulva-like external at the end, complete with simulated labia that is moveable.

The lips will move independently to simulate a real vagina. These have no special features or textures, but simply emulate the experience of a vagina. The lips will vary according to style or ethnicity.

Blowjob Models

These toys do not often resemble a vagina, unlike the original pocket pussies. And instead of the flesh-coloring, they come in other colors, many of them translucent.

These are generally made of a jelly material and feature something like actual oral lips. This design allows for greater suction at the opening, in efforts to simulate a blowjob.

Masturbator Sleeve Models

Unlike the other two categories, masturbation sleeves are more of a broader category of these toys. There are no real limitations. These can be open-ended, meaning that unlike the original pocket pussy, the penis can go in one side and out the other.

They can come in different length, textures, and have different features in them. Most of the “features” spoken of when referring to pocket pussies is texture.

Some have metal balls in their lining, allowing the penis to feel some wondrous sensations. A sleeve can be used in conjunction with sex with a partner, oral sex, or solo sex.

Pocket Pussies VS Fleshlight

It wouldn’t be a proper pocket pussy buyer’s guide if we didn’t name off a fleshlight. The fleshlight is a type of discreet pocket pussy, perfect for the guys who don’t tend to clean up. From the outside, they look like a flashlight, complete with the hard tube and a cover.

In a flashlight, the top unscrews and you put the batteries inside. However, with the fleshlight, you unscrew the top so you can screw the bottom. The tube is lined with the same familiar flesh-colored material that you see on regular pocket pussies.

They have the same outer labia lips as well and the same hole to fill. Generally, you can pull out the material from the tube for cleaning as well. Fleshlight is a brand and a style, but the same concept applies to it as the other pocket pussies.

They are ideal for travel because of the discreet and hidden packaging, which makes them great for planes and trips. Additionally, they have different fleshlight styles where the vulva is modeled after famous porn stars as well.

How Pocket Pussies Work

The main drawing point of the these toys is the texture and the tightness when the material that suctions around the penis. They don’t generally require any batteries, unless it has a vibrating function. Very few do, but they do exist.

No, the only things required in using this toy is a penis, a hand, and a good quality lubricant. The materials used in them range from just a jelly material, to silicone, and to other synthetic materials modeled after real flesh.

Reviewed by Expert
Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.

Tip: try a standard without vibration or effects and see experienced. You’ll love it!

Boosting Your Chances of Orgasm: How to Use a Pocket Pussy

First and foremost, you must choose a model of your liking. Be sure that when you are shopping, to make sure you are looking at the specifications, most importantly, length. If you are more on the well-endowed size, you’re going to want to look for more length, unless you plan on just using the tip.

As far as girth goes, these materials are very stretchy and can handle most girths. However, sometimes, men will report needing one with more girth because the constriction may be more painful than pleasurable.

Secondly, you will need a quality lubricant. The best lubricant to use with male masturbatory toys is a lubricant that most people don’t think of. This is a creamy lubricant.

For those guys who like to use lotion, they actually have adult lubricant with the same texture. Leave the lotion for your face (really, it’s not good for the opening of your penis anyway), and pick up a creamy lubricant.

Because the toy is suction, it can pull on a skin or pubic hair if it is not slick enough. You can use a liquid lubricant, but for best results, a creamy one will make sure there is no pulling.

You should lubricate both the penis and the inside of the toy for maximum comfort and pleasure. Then, you just insert your penis through the opening and use your hand to guide it into the toy, changing speeds, motions, and such. It is up to you to discover what feels best to you.

Added Benefit

When using one of the shorter male masturbator models, you can use this in conjunction with oral sex with a partner.

For those partners that have a stronger gag reflexes with larger partners, it can still give the tightness and pleasure while letting the partner giving oral have comfort as well. The two sensations of both the sleeve and the tongue can give a great orgasm!

TOP-5 Best Pocket Pussies

Take a look at a review of TOP-5 best products at a price range from $20 to $120. They are made of different materials, vary in size and internal construction. On top of that, each of these toys is modeled after one or another porn star, making your sex experience even more exciting.

The Stoya Fleshlight

The Stoya Fleshlight: photo

The Stoya Fleshlight is brought to you direct from the Fleshlight brand and allows discreet storage as the tube hides the surprise of that soft material inside.

On the website, it allows you to choose the look of the toy, choosing between a vaginal entrance with labia, or a butt entrance for those wanting that visual instead. It also depicts an inside look on the website so you can see all the nooks, nubbies, and textures you feel upon purchase.

It is modeled after Stoya, a popular alt model in the porn industry and offers some fun facts about the model as well.

Stoya:   Check the current price

Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator | Utensil

Zhang Xiao Yu's Realistic Pussy Masturbator: photo

This pocket pussy is modeled after one of the top nude models in China, Zhang Xiao Yu. It has a soft skin-like flesh material on the outside and a special pink material inside, allowing for high friction and a great suction.

There are additional textures and patterns inside to magnify sensations for the penis passing through. This model is thicker and has more flesh on it as it also has a vaginal entrance complete with a butt look as well.

Utensil:   Check the current price

Realistic Vagina | Thrust Pro Holly

Thrust Pro Holly Realistic Vagina: photo

The Holly model of the pocket pussies has an added benefit other than the previous two on this list. Holly has a deep canal to where you can insert a smaller bullet vibrator at the end for glorious vibration sensations. You can also find that bullet on the Love Honey website under recommended products to add.

The labia lips on this toy are more on the shorter side for those whom that appeals too. The inside is ribbed with different textures as well, allowing the penis to pass through with ease. Additionally, this item also has a “g-spot” area and allows the penis to simulate the feeling of hitting the g-spot in a real vagina.

Thrust Pro Holly:   Check the current price

Faye Reagan Realistic Vagina | Doc Johnson UR3

Faye Reagan Realistic Vagina: photo

This pocket pussy is modeled after a porn star, Faye Reagan. It has ribbed areas inside for pleasure and created with UR3 material, a special material created to be utmost realistic.

UR3 products should only be used with water based lubricant and not silicone as it can compromise the integrity of the material. This one is said to be more on the shorter side for larger men. The toy fits easily in hand and has good gripping material for complete control of intensity.

Doc Johnson:   Check the current price

Bonnie Rotten Flip Me Over Stroker

Bonnie Rotten Flip Me Over Stroker: photo

Popular adult store Adam and Eve brings us this dual-featured pocket pussy straight from the downstairs of porn star, Bonnie Rotten! This one hits our list because of its versatility.

On one end, you have a vaginal entrance complete with detailed labia lips and a clit, and on the other side, the look of a rear entry. The openings are different to emulate the tightness of a vagina vs the anus.

It is ribbed and nubbed inside for extra sensations and made with a special material called Fanta Flesh. The outside is ribbed for maximum grip and control for more deliberate sensations.

Bonnie Rotten:   Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Pocket Pussy Effectiveness

The Stoya Fleshlight
3 small rings of bumps
Ultra piercing pleasure dome
Teethed chamber
One row of large bumps
Effectiveness: 10
Utensil Zhang Xiao Yu's Pussy Masturbator
Textured canal with 3 zones
Double-layer technology
Soft material
Effectiveness: 10
Thrust Pro Holly Realistic Vagina
6 inches in length
Made from smooth TPR
Hole to insert a bullet vibrator
Easy to grip
Effectiveness: 9
Doc Johnson UR3 Faye Reagan Realistic Vagina
Soft UR3 material
Ribbed canal
Should be used with lubricants
Effectiveness: 8
Bonnie Rotten Flip Me Over Stroker
5.5 inches in length
Made from soft TPR
Dual-entry design
Recreated intimate details
Extra-tight backdoor
Easy to grip
Effectiveness: 10

What to Look for When Buying a Product

The considerations to remember when purchasing a pocket pussy are few. Always check what materials they are made of.

Material. Some are made of specific material that can only be used with certain lubricants. For instance, some flavored lubricants contain synthetic oils that can destroy the materials inside the toy, leaving room for possible bacteria to live.

Silicone lubricants cannot be used with silicone toys, because of the same reason. It’d be awful to buy a new toy and not know how to upkeep it.

Size. Secondly, make sure you know what you’re looking for. If you are lengthier, choose a model which measures up to you, if that’s what you’re into. Always check measurements and specifications before purchasing a product.  Looks can be deceiving, especially on the internet.

Brand. Lastly, make sure that you are always purchasing from a reputable adult toy company. Make sure they have the health clearances needed. This will prevent you from any dangerous or threatening incidents and keep your sexual health in check.


What is the best pocket pussy?
The best option presented to you in this buyer’s guide would have to be the Bonnie Rotten Flip Me Over model from Adam and Eve.

This model features two separate entry experiences for a bargain price! Not everyone has the bank account to buy the more expensive toys, so this one is at an affordable price for everyone.

What are the psychological effects of using them?
There are no known psychological effects of using these products from a medical standpoint. Now, some people feel guilt when using them or after use due to personal, familial, or religious beliefs. Some people develop sexual addictions, but that has more to do with the person rather than the product itself.

Are they safe?
As long as you are using a product from a reputable brand and paying attention to the materials for allergic reactions, these products are quite safe. Always make sure to follow proper cleaning instructions with a good toy cleaner to minimize chances of bacterial infections.

How to clean your pocket pussy?
Depending on the material of the toy, there may be specific instructions unique to that toy’s material. These instructions should be included in the packaging. Most adult toy cleaners will do the best to ensure a germ-free toy.

How to store them?
When storing your toy, you can use the container in which it came in, plastic wraps or baggies, or look into finding proper adult toy storage.

It is best to store these where dust and moisture cannot settle on them, leaving them preserved and ensuring they last longer. Do not leave it in a place where germs and debris can settle on it.


Now that you have seen all the different kinds of features, looks, and textures a toy may have, you can make an informed decision of which kind you are wanting to purchase.

To a shopper’s eye, they may have looked all the same. But with the information in this guide, it will help you choose what may be best suited for you. Always remember to look for products that will maintain your sexual health and well-being before choosing a product.

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