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TOP-5 Best Male Masturbators | 2019 Awesome Buyer’s Guide

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This guide covers TOP-5 best male masturbators, their main types and differences. You will learn about the peculiarities of their use, some beneficial recommendations as well as expert opinions on the benefits these sex toys have. The guide also shares a story of its author who enjoys masturbating despite the fact that he has a sex partner. Take a look at a comparison chart to pick a toy that will bring you complete satisfaction.

What is the best male masturbator? It is important that the product has a high-quality material and enough space allowing for different positions for satisfaction. Realistic models are generally preferred by men and stimulate better. We believe that Pipedream Mega Masturbator “Fuck Me Silly” fits these criteria best.

Why have we chosen this model? This is a realistic and very impressive toy imitating one of the most desirable and sexually sensitive areas of a woman’s body. It has deep ass and pussy openings but is not waterproof though. The item is made of Fanta-flesh which is very popular material for sex toys. The product comes with a special cleaner and a lubricant that is most suitable for this kind of material.

Given how unhealthy sexual repression is, it’s not a stretch to consider masturbatory aids to be a key component in overall health as an adult. While equipment is obviously not necessary for the basic experience, various well-engineered products can severely enhance the experience in many ways.

Reviewed by Expert
Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.
Male masturbation tends to start in adolescence. At beginning it can be funny and pleasure, but over the years, the usual techniques can be boring and monotonous. People like to get out of the routine and try new things, so erotic toys are designed to improve this. The sensations of pleasure and intensity allow the man to live in his own skin an erotic relationship without his partner. Sex toys are great to use alone or in company. Imagination is the limit!

Providing a more realistic simulation of the sexual act provides an overall more pleasant experience the whole way through, and results in a much more satisfying conclusion, as well as a healthier one to which the body and primal mind respond more naturally. Modern engineering and materials sciences have produced a wide range of products males which achieve this enhanced experience in powerful ways.

What Benefits do Male Masturbators Offer?

Alright, this is the internet. So let’s get any childish giggling or inappropriate dad jokes out of our system right now. You know what, no. Let’s address why we’re so inclined to chuckle at this kind of thing, so we can get to actual health and science, within which this absolutely belongs.

Humor is a very human phenomenon, and most academic sources believe that humor was a self-defense mechanism to help come down from adrenaline rushes, and to maintain sanity during trying times. As we became more complex, we began to use this response in more abstract cases, such as things we find uncomfortable to acknowledge in mixed company.

So, we chuckle at this stuff so much, because most cultures have placed a bizarre semi-stigma on these topics. In science, we simply don’t have a place for taboos or stigmas like this. Ethics matter in science, but not societal hang-ups.

What do male masturbators add to the experience that simply using your hand cannot? Well, first, let’s take a very mature, high-road look at what’s happening with both experiences.

  • Manual – When stimulating oneself the most primitive way, with one’s hand, it’s not actually a simulation of proper intercourse by any means. Stimulation is being provided to that part of the anatomy, which still fires a lot of the same neural clusters in the brain, resulting in an orgasm. However, the sensation being provided in no way mimics the sensations of actual sex. This means that many parts of the brain that are active during real intercourse, never actually activate. This basically just means the orgasm isn’t as potent or satisfying.
  • With a Masturbator – So, material sciences cannot truly perfectly mimic the sensation of a real partner, and it probably never will be able to. Also, being a component, the experience of a responsive, fully-realized person with agency also won’t be there. However, the act of insertion, the experience of soft, lubricated materials, and additional technologies sometimes making these things responsive, fires many more of those neural centers. This produces a more satisfying result, which fully realizes the relaxing, de-stressing and frustration-relieving benefits of the coital experience as a whole.

Health Benefits

Hannah Nichols note that having a partner does not mean masturbation is something unnecessary nor something that shouldn’t be done. The truth is, a partner may not always be in the mood for sex, and male sex drive becomes frustrated much more quickly, due to how biology works. Maintaining a minimized level of sexual frustration has a number of benefits.

  • Stress reduction.
  • Tension release.
  • Sleep quality improvement.
  • Concentration boosting.
  • Mood elevation.
  • Pain alleviation.
  • Improved sexual endurance.

Relationship Benefits

Many sexologists, marriage specialists, psychologists and other professionals cite that masturbation, which is initiated in males usually during adolescence, can actually help maintain a healthy relationship. Michael Shelton stress that his goes directly against the wrongful sentiment that masturbation is wrong when on has a partner, that it’s tantamount to cheating.

In truth, while women not liking sex is a blatant myth, men, as said before, do tend to have a more constant sex drive in our species. Abstaining from satisfying these urges due to partners being not in the mood, or biologically unable due to menstruation or pregnancy, will encounter marital problems.

As the frustration builds up, tension can mount, and familiarity can begin breeding contempt. For other males, it can drive them to be more sexually aggressive than they mean to be, annoying their partners.

Masturbation, used appropriately, can actually lead to a more stable relationship. The only time it should actually be a concern is when a male partner becomes more interested in masturbation than in sex with their partner, indicating some sort of dissatisfaction with said partner or the relationship.

What Types of Male Masturbators are There?

Well, this is a field of design that does vary a good bit. Sex drives creativity. But on the whole, there are basically two general styles of these.

One is the one-handed approach, modeled to at most resemble a vagina or anus. These are very common for their ease of use and ease of storage. Some of these contain additional technology such as motors, warmers, or vibrators to make them more responsive.

Others are shaped like, for lack of a better way to describe it, the lower torso of a female body. The rear end is modeled, as is the lower stomach, the tops of the legs, and the vagina. These often provide a better overall experience due to impact, heft, and tactile response, as well as providing two different simulated penetrations, one of which your partner may never be terribly willing to try themselves.

There exist other variants, such as ones that’re poseable, full-bodied figures made to look like various characters. I won’t lie, that’s intriguing as it might let you go at it from more genuine positions, but man, those things are expensive and the idea of looking a giant action figure in the eyes during that, makes me wonder if I could do that or not.

How Do Male Masturbators Work?

They pretty much work the way you’d expect. Rather than stimulating yourself with your hand, you use a synthetic orifice, usually with the same muscle memory stroking motions you’d use without it.

How they provide a better experience is surprisingly advanced. Polymer latex compounds (hypo-allergenic, non-irritant and sanitary) are used which make the most flesh-like artificial compound we can affordably produce at the moment. The point of entry is modeled, usually pretty artfully, to resemble a vagina or anus, with the internal cavity equally accurately-modeled after the real thing’s interior.

Most of these are modeled the same way as female aids (dildos), by having an actual person have a mold made of important parts, which they use as templates. The soft feel, and experience of a lubricated, organic-like toy is about as close to the real thing as you can get, without the real thing itself.

As said before, some of them use advanced technologies like motors and warming elements.

Boosting Your Chances of Orgasm: How to Use Male Masturbators

First thing’s first, make sure it’s sterilized. If it’s brand new, it already is. Before you use it, you will want to make sure proper lubrication is applied. Unlike lotions, or lubricants intended for use in normal intercourse, do not apply the lubricant directly to your member, it will not be sufficient. Apply it to the interior of the masturbator, and use half again what you think you need.

Be sure that you are completely, fully erect before inserting yourself into the toy, or discomfort after the act could occur (irritated urethra). If it’s a single-handed toy, simply slide it over your member gently, and gradually achieve a comfortable pace of motion as you would normally do. This pace will differ (likely be much slower) than when using your hand.

If it’s a larger one, you may need to grip it by its “hips” as you would a lighter-weight female partner. Using your non-dominant arm in this act, may take a little getting used to.

Maintain a steady, reasonable pace no faster than you would be able to move if with a partner, for optimal realism (your subconscious will pick up on it) and being gentler on the masturbator, they can be destroyed if you get carried away.

Upon achieving orgasm, clean the toy immediately with very warm (not hot) water, and soap. Always, always clean it right away. Just, you don’t want to experience the consequences of not doing this.

The key is that realistic speed. You will achieve the best, most fully-realized climax by enforcing limits of pace to that which you could do with a real partner. That’s the real key to these serving you best.

TOP-5 Best Male Masturbators

Below, you will find a review of TOP-5 best products at a price ranging from $90 to $250. They have different designs and levels of automation. While some models look like stimulating machines, others are more realistic and imitate women’s body parts. Most devices are single-handed, however, there is a double-handed item allowing for more positions.

Autoblow 2 Fellatio Simulator

Autoblow 2 Fellatio Simulator: photo

Masturbators that resemble mouths have been a thing as long as ones resembling other parts, but they rarely achieved much more than “a nice insertion experience”, as this isn’t something as easy to simulate as other things.

This one looks to challenge this notion, using motorized grips and a stroke motor to simulate this act.


  • Form Factor – Single Hand/Motorized.
  • Simulated Part – Mouth/Fellatio.


The design of this, using a dynamic rolling grip, looks like regardless of how accurately it simulates receiving oral sex, it’d probably feel pretty good. This is an ambitious implementation, but I like the concept.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a unique simulation.
  • Less strenuous to use.
  • Interchangeable components.


  • Requires power.
  • Something about motors and my genitals being involved in the same act makes me nervous.


I’d say give this one a try, if the price tag doesn’t scare you away. Fellatio is definitely a unique, and enjoyable experience, and I’ve never seen a masturbator that could try to simulate it before.

Autoblow 2:   Check the current price

Max by Lovesense Male Masturbator

Max by Lovesense Male Masturbator: photo

This one is another interesting use of modern technologies, including Wi-Fi, to get a better single player experience. Using air pumps, it can simulate the natural spasming and gripping motions of vaginal muscle walls – a fantastic aspect of being with a partner that many plain masturbators can’t replicate.

The Wi-Fi control, and the additional vibration also mean this is kind of the corvette of this type of toy.


  • Form Factor – Single-handed.
  • Simulated Part – Vagina.


This one is more responsive, without using motors (which make ne apprehensive). I like the idea of this a lot, as it’d feel more satisfying as it’s a responsive, lifelike experience. I actually won’t lie, I want to try something like this. And so do you.

Pros and Cons


  • Feels lifelike due to the squeezing motions it can do.
  • Very realistic material.
  • Vibration (I’m not a fan of vibration, but a lot of people like it).


  • Needs to be charged.
  • It uses wifi, and I’d love to see if this shows up on wifi device lists, and what it calls itself.


Definitely try this one, I intend to eventually. The lifelike aspect of it means this does things other masturbators simply don’t.

Lovesense:   Check the current price

Tenga Black Flip Hole Masturbator

Tenga Black Flip Hole Masturbator: photo

This one doesn’t try to simulate a body part, focusing on sensations, which I can see being enjoyable, but I worry would suffer from “not being a realistic thing”. Still, the multitude of textures inside, and controllable stages, means you could generate all manner of intriguing physical stimuli.


  • Form Factor – Single-handed canister.
  • Simulated Part – N/A.


Like I said, I think it’d probably provide an enjoyable experience, but it doesn’t resemble any actual thing we’re wired to respond to on a primal level, so I kind of expect this one won’t provide the genuine experience these products are mostly engineered with an effort to provide.

Pros and Cons


  • All kinds of unique experiences.
  • Elegant and discreet.
  • Lots of control.


  • Not modeled after any realistic experience.
  • Probably takes a lot of fiddling to get your ideal experience.
  • All the textures look like they could be damaged.


If you’re more about a custom sensation than substituting for a real experience, I recommend this concept. I think a descendant of this, that can be programmed to mimic different real places one can penetrate, will be something to try for sure.

Tenga:   Check the current price

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator: photo

I’m not a fan of vibration in and of itself. It’s best served in female toys, their anatomy and nerve structure responds much better to it than male parts do. However, if vibration is used right, in a great many men, it can produce a powerful experience.


  • Form Factor – Stationary, handheld vibrator (for males).
  • Simulated Part – N/A.


This, like the previous one, I think might provide something powerful, if you like vibration (many do), but won’t be as long-term satisfying due to not simulating experiences our primal brains want.

But, if you’re one of those people who can be brought to the most powerful climax imaginable by proper vibration, this is for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Actually delivers masturbation to male anatomy properly.
  • Power-smart.
  • Compact.


  • Doesn’t simulate anything per se.
  • Is intended to be held mostly still, which your muscles will fight you on.


If vibration really works for you, there’s no question that this is the right one for you.

Fun Factory:   Check the current price

Pipedream Products Mega Masturbator “Fuck Me Silly”

Pipedream Products Mega Masturbator: photo

Enticing name aside, this is probably the best design for something “basic”. This is not a cheap masturbator, not remotely, due to the quality, detail, and materials that went into it. However, these sorts of things are what I myself tend to prefer, just because there’s more tactical experience and more impact with them. It also gives you, as said before, two orifices to experience, and not all partners are into one of those.


  • Form Factor – Double-handed or stationary.
  • Simulated Part – Lower Female Body (including anus).


If I can be a little graphic for a minute, these provide the most genuine experience, though one of these having the responsive nature our second entry had, would be neat. However, with these, you can manage positions besides lying on your back moving it. It provides cheeks to slap if you like to get amorous, something to kind of feel around on while taking a moment to become properly erect, just an overall better time.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides some things to get ahold of, and multiple places to penetrate.
  • Allows for more positions for more satisfaction.
  • The parts that are there, look and feel very real.


  • The mass of these means their interior can feel oddly cool sometimes.
  • This one is very costly. It’s worth it, but if you’re new to these, try a cheaper version of this.


Of the ones on this list, this is the one I recommend the most, despite its high price. These are just about as genuine an experience as you can get.

Pipedream:   Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Male Masturbator Effectiveness

ProductWhat is the purpose?
Autoblow 2
Single Hand/Motorized
Simulated Part – Mouth/Fellatio
Interchangeable components
Effectiveness: 10
Max by Lovesense
Simulated Part – Vagina
Squeezing motions
Effectiveness: 9
Tenga Black Flip Hole
Single-handed canister
Elegant and discreet
Lots of control
Effectiveness: 8
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator
Stationary, handheld vibrator
Effectiveness: 10
Pipedream Mega Masturbator “Fuck Me Silly”
Double-handed or stationary
Simulated Part – Lower Female Body
More positions for satisfaction
Effectiveness: 10

My Personal Experience with Male Masturbators

Well, we all do it, don’t we? Anyone who says they don’t, is a bald faced liar. Most people would be too embarrassed or shy to discuss their own activities in this sense, but I am a modern man, unashamed of my biology, and science, as I said, has no room for shyness anyhow.

I am presently in a relationship, albeit not a monogamous one, nor one where marriage and living together are an ultimate outcome. We love each other, we enjoy each other’s company, but we both like to live alone, and we both like our space often. Well, being humans, we become aroused at more or less random intervals, and neither of us is going to ask the other to drop what we’re doing to come over and scratch that itch.

So, when I first started seeing her … eight years ago (wow that makes me feel old), I couldn’t help but notice she had quite a collection of baubles and toys that she happily demonstrated could bring her quite a lot of satisfaction. I had heard of things for men, as “fleshlights” have been something of a punch line in cruder movies for twenty years or more. I hadn’t given them that much thought.

But hey, why can’t we have things to enhance our private time? Surely some of them had to be of decent quality than the slipshod stuff cited as running gags. So, I shamelessly marched into an adult boutique shop, equally shamelessly asked the very attractive woman in there all about them, and received a – you guessed it – shameless and informative discourse about male masturbatory aids, and how they worked. I’ll share some of what she explained to me, with you shortly.

I bought a basic one, because I was skeptical that a synthetic thing would feel right at all. Holding one in my hand, having never experienced those latex polymers, it felt … downright alien to the tough. I later learned that it does not feel that way to the part of you that counts.

Well, I made a couple mistakes with that first one. The first one is, always use half again as much lubricant as you think you need. It’s either unsatisfactory or even kind of painful, if things aren’t lubricated properly. My first go with the thing, I almost wrote it off as worse than using your hand.

My next lesson was to not get overzealous. My second try with it, I managed to use it properly, and well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a grand old time … and I got a bit too overzealous which strained other parts of me a bit.

That one didn’t last very long – and no, I didn’t break some kind of usage record. The problem with all of these materials is, they’re fragile in one sense. Once a tear or split along it forms, the whole thing will begin to come apart. Even the best-made ones have this issue.

So, my ultimate take away from this is, first, be mindful with lube, and don’t get too overzealous. Be aware of their fragility, and above all, don’t be embarrassed to visit a store and ask about them, buy them, and use them. If you really want to be that discrete, you can order them online too. More recent purchases of this sort on my part, Amazon is my friend.


What is the best male masturbator?
All in all, I think the Pipedream provides the best genuine experience.

How should I clean the inside of these products?
Honestly, I just clean it in the shower, with warm shower water, a little gentle elbow grease, and some dawn soap.

Are male masturbators durable?
The short answer is no, but the long answer is, they can be if you take care of them.

What kind of lube is recommended for such products?
Any water-based lube will work, but avoid ones with “warming”, as those chemicals may harm the masturbator. I myself just use baby oil, it’s got the right viscosity to feel organic.

Is it safe to use male masturbators?
Of course.


As we can see, there is just as much creativity, if not more, in male masturbators than for women. Don’t be ashamed to buy these, don’t be ashamed to use them, and if your partner has an issue with you relieving tension and frustration, reexamine your relationship (with hopes to fix it of course). I am sure one of these will fit the bill, and like I said, I like the last one especially.

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