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TOP-5 Best Fleshlights | 2019 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Fleshlights: photoThis guide covers TOP-5 best Fleshlights as well as different types of these toys available in the market and their updated versions. You will learn the difference between the Pink Lady classic series, stamina training units, quickshots, Fleshlight girls and Fleshjacks. If you have a favorite male or female porn star, there is an option for you as well.

Apart from that, our sex expert will share some recommendations on how to use these devices properly so that you could maximize pleasure and what things you should consider when shopping for these items. Take a look at the product comparison chart to decide which option is right for you.

What is the best Fleshlight? Although this question generally comes down to personal preference, there are several things you need to look for. The toy should be from a well-established brand since the product quality is something that may affect your health. Such things as the orifice, texture and tightness should be taken into consideration as well. Full-size options offer more benefits, although the smaller ones are easier to travel with. We believe that Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit fits all these criteria best.

Why have we chosen this model? Not only does this toy guarantee an explosive orgasm, but it is also designed to increase your sexual stamina and will help you intensify orgasms during intercourse. This wonderful toy will both train and satisfy! With an insertable length of 8.5 inches, the device has enough room for your penis to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. With constant stimulation points along the inner canal’s length, this model offers a lifelike replica of real sex.

Who said only females should have all the sex toy fun?! Fleshlights are a hugely popular male sex toy and one of the best selling sex toys of all time, so if you want one, you are certainly not alone. They are designed to feel as close to real skin as possible! It’s up to you whether you pick a style that is also anatomical or whether you prefer something that is a bit subtler.

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There is a wide variety of erotic toys in the world aimed at men. In fact, the statistics show that they are very keen to use these products. Why? For many reasons:

  • Masturbation vaginas are very realistic and provide a real sensation.
  • When using lubricant the pleasure increases, the internal grooves feel better.
  • Some vibrate and provide heat, which makes them a great ally of masturbation alone or as a couple.

What Benefits Do Fleshlights Offer?

They are designed to make you orgasm!

It’s the most important thing after all right? These toys are designed to make you orgasm and to offer you a damn good one at that! But there are health benefits to frequent orgasm too. A study conducted in 2004 found that men that ejaculated more than 21 times a month actually reduced their risk of prostate cancer by about 33%.

They can actually help you to train your body to last longer while you are with a partner.

Not only do these devices feel amazing but they can also help to train you to last longer before orgasm with a partner too. Ava Cadell, PH.D., of Loveology University recommends you train yourself by timing how long it takes for you to finish then aim to increase that time every time you use the toy.

They are a great foreplay tool.

These toys aren’t just for solo play either. They can actually be a lot of fun to use to get warmed up and ready for action with a partner. Even better if you get them to use it on you!

What Types of Fleshlights Are There?

There are a lot of different types of these toys available and they are constantly releasing new lines and updated versions to ensure that they remain the best male masturbator range of the market. While this isn’t the full list of ranges, these are some of their best sellers.

The Pink Lady – Classic Series

This was the first Fleshlight to be released and it remains one of the most popular models still. The Pink Lady has three orifice options; a vagina, a butt, or a mouth. This thing is great for beginners as it has a smooth inner sleeve without too much texture.

Stamina Training Unit

This is the option for those that want a pleasure toy and a workout for your penis! The STU is designed to make you orgasm quick. It is very tight and highly textured meaning there will be a lot of stimulation going on. The idea is that you will use it frequently to train yourself to last longer. If you can last with this, you can last with a partner!

Fleshlight Girls

If you are a big fan of female porn stars then you are going to love this collection! The Fleshlight Girls range is molded off the actual anatomy of the world’s favorite porn stars. So you can live out your fantasies with an exact replica of their vulva, booty or mouth.


This is a range of Fleshlights that are molded off the booties of your favorite male porn stars! And it’s not just butt, there are mouths too. So, if you have a favorite male porn star, he might be on the list.

Fleshlight Quickshot

This is a smaller version of the Fleshlight that has a lot less bulk and is easier to hold and clean. It is also double ended meaning that you can still use it to stroke the full length of your shaft.

How Do Fleshlights Work?

Although they tend to be fairly large, these toys are actually very simple toys to use that don’t require a lot of preparation. You just lube it up and slide your penis inside. Then you can thrust in and out as fast or as slow as you like until you reach orgasm. Easy as!

Boosting Your Chances of Orgasm: How to Use a Fleshlight

Remove the plastic inner tube!

Each item comes with a plastic tube inserted into the canal to keep the shape right. You need to remove this before you start otherwise it is going to be a nasty surprise when you try to thrust!

Use a lot of water based lube

Using lubricant with your toy is essential. If you don’t you are likely to tear the delicate material of the toy, making it susceptible to bacteria and no longer body safe. Make sure you use enough lube to glide in gently and to keep it slippery for as long as you are playing. If you feel it starting to dry out, apply more.

Keep one hand lube free

These toys are surrounded by a plastic outer and if your hand is covered in lube you are going to have a lot of trouble moving the toy up and down. Keep one hand dry and free from lube so you can use the toy properly.

Use the cap at the end to determine the level of suction.

Some people don’t know this but there is actually a cap at the end of the unit which can be loosened or tightened to increase the suction. Play around with this and find out what works best for you.

TOP-5 Best Fleshlights

Below, you will find a review of TOP-5 best products at a price ranging from $35 to $70. You will find both realistic and non-anatomical models. While some of them are compact, others have up to 8.5 inches of insertable length.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust: photo

If you are looking for something a little subtler and less sex toy looking, then this model might be a good option. This is a non-anatomical option that has no obvious orifice and instead uses an industrial looking design is bright blue or metallic copper.

Even though it doesn’t look anatomical, this is one of the most realistic alternatives to oral sex that you will find creating a tight suction on the penis. If you love oral, you will love the Turbo.

The Turbo has three points of tight initial insertion that you will need to push through. These are designed to feel like the lips, the tongue and then the tightness of the throat.

Once inside the canal, there are stimulating nubs which go around the canal in a spiralling vortex pattern. This creates a lot of suction and really feels like someone is using their mouth on your penis. Pretty cool, huh?!

These toys are a great option for those that like a lot of suction and a lot of sensation. The deeper you go, the tighter it will become on your penis so you can really make the most of the 8.5 inches of insertable length.

Turbo Thrust:   Check the current price

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit: photo

This is a sex toy and a performance enhancer all in one. It offers a lifelike replica of real sex as well as having the benefit of training you to last longer in bed making it a real win, win toy and one of the most popular models.

As you can likely guess from the fact that this is a stamina training unit, this toy is really tight and there are constant stimulation points along the length of the inner canal. The full inner sleeve is covered in ribbed nodules that will stimulate your penis from all angles.

This much constant stimulation means that you need to learn to control your ejaculation. The idea is that if you can last for 10 minutes in this, you should be able to last for 20 minutes with a human!

And, because this toy is designed to try to make you orgasm fast, it is also ideal for a quickie if you are short on time. Just relax and let yourself go!

Being such a tight model, this might not be the best option for penises with a thicker girth, as it may be too tight and feel uncomfortable, but if you are average sized then this is going to feel awesome and provide constant stimulation and pleasure, the whole length of your shaft.

Stamina Training Unit:   Check the current price

Fleshlight Ice

Fleshlight Ice: photo

Get an eyeful with the Fleshlight Ice! This model is all about offering you some visual fun too, with a milky transparent sleeve so you can watch yourself slide in and out and send all your senses into overdrive.

There are three different options to choose from in this range. You can go for the Lady which is the vagina orifice, the Butt which is obviously the butt, or the Pure which is just a hole with no particular body part featured.

The Ice range uses the Crystal inner sleeve. This is tight, highly textured and has a lot of tight chambers to get through. So expect a lot of stimulation while you play! If your penis is long enough, you will get a nice surprise at the end too where there is a really intense vortex pattern to create a nice suction on the head of your penis.

For the most part, this material feels a lot like the others but for some reason, it is actually stickier and does require a lot of lubricant and a lot of refresher powder after you clean it to keep it feeling smooth and lifelike.

Fleshlight Ice:   Check the current price

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid: photo

Love Riley Reid? Well, now you take that crush to the next level with a toy based on her actual anatomy! For those of you who don’t know, Riley Reid is a super famous American porn star who has that girl next door look, but with a whole lot of sass.

She is one of the Fleshlight Girls range best sellers and for good reason. She is hot, her videos are hot and her sleeves feel super good.

There are two options to choose from in the Riley Reid range. You can go for the vagina or the butt. But keep in mind that the two actually have different internal sleeve textures and will offer you different stimulation while you play.

The vagina orifice is her best seller and it has the intense Utopia sleeve. This is a tight coil design that opens up into wider pockets before going super tight again at the middle and end.

The butt orifice features the Euphoria sleeve which is a little bit wider than the other one and has more open pockets but still with a lot of ribbing for ultimate stimulation.

So just pick your sleeve, pick out your favorite Riley Reid film and you are all set for the perfect night in!

Riley Reid:   Check the current price

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost: photo

If you are finding the size of these models off-putting, then you might want to check out the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost. This is a much smaller design, and it is actually open-ended meaning that it is also a whole lot easier to clean up once you are finished.

You can just rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry completely without needing to flip it inside out. And, it is still going to feel amazing as it is made from that same material, but without all the fuss of a massive plastic case.

The Quickshot Boost is a great toy for travel or to include as part of oral sex. The Quickshot can be sued to stimulate the lower end of the shaft while your partner stimulates the head of the penis with their mouth. It’s actually an awesome couples toy!

Quickshot Boost:   Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Fleshlight Effectiveness

Turbo Thrust
3 points of initial insertion
Total length: 9.75 inches
Insertable length: 8.5 inches
Effectiveness: 10
Stamina Training Unit
Replicates the intense sensations of intercourse
Total length: 9.75 inches
Insertable length: 8.5 inches
Comes with an exclusive gold case
Effectiveness: 10
Fleshlight Ice
Crystal inner sleeve
3 options to choose from
Requires a lot of lubricant
Effectiveness: 9
Riley Reid
Unique coiled design
Pleasure pockets
2 options to choose from
Effectiveness: 10
Quickshot Boost
Compact open-ended
Twin-orifice unit
Textured SuperSkin
Effectiveness: 8

What to Look for When Buying a Product?

Finding the right option for you really comes down to personal preference. You need to think about the orifice you want, the texture and tightness of the inner sleeve and whether you want to get a full-size option or go for one of the smaller sizes that is easier to travel with.


What are Fleshlights really made of?
Unfortunately, this is a question we may never know the actual answer to. The producer keeps this completely hush hush and all that the public knows is the term ‘SuperSkin’. This is a super lifelike material that is latex free and non-toxic.

Are they safe?
For the most part, yes, and they are one of the few highly trusted brands when it comes to this type of lifelike material. However, the material is porous which means that it can harbor bacteria so I wouldn’t hold onto the toy forever if I were you. And, if it gets any tears in the inner sleeve, bin it!

Why do some Fleshlights have teeth?
Those toothy models you might have seen online are part of the Succu Dry range. A line of vampire inspired toys that was released just in time for Halloween years ago and were so popular that they just kept on producing them. It’s one way to live out your vampire sex fantasies, right?

Do they feel like the real thing?
Well, that depends on who you ask! Some people say it almost does and others will say it feels even better than the real thing. I think the safe answer to this is that it feels as close to the real thing as you can get. These are definitely the most realistic male masturbators on the market.

Are Fleshlights tighter than a vagina?
This all depends on the inner sleeve and the vagina in question! These toys are designed to mimic the feeling of having sex with a real person so they are made to be as lifelike as possible. Some people will find them very tight while others won’t. It comes down to personal preference and your personal experience.


If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to lifelike male masturbators, you really can’t go past a Fleshlight. Yes, they are pretty expensive but they are designed to last (so long as you look after them properly) and they are going to feel seriously amazing every time you use it.

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